January 11, 2017


At Curry Me Up, we are a family-owned Indian eatery near downtown Hercules with a vision to create contemporary Indian cuisine for the San Francisco East Bay in the style of our award winning Lotus Cuisine of India restaurant in Marin County. We are a Halal restaurant.

Our commitment is to transport you from familiar local tastes to those wholesome and varied traditions of modern Indian cuisine that draw from their ancient counterparts.

The Lotus Family of Restaurants is well known in the Bay Area and have received many awards and accolades for serving Indian Cuisine from a generous menu specializing in Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten Free dishes and delicacies. We use homemade organic ghee (clarified butter) in all our cooking. Our team personally chooses and uses only the finest organic and local ingredients.

Our restaurant is one of the Indian restaurants in the Bay Area run by Surinder Sroa and his family. Surinder is proud to have so many members of his extended family helping to make our group of Indian restaurants the very best in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Surinder created Curry Me Up in 2016 to feature:

the warm, full flavors of contemporary Indian cuisine complete with personally handpicked herbs and spices and foods;
a cozy atmosphere and delightful ambiance framed by Indian decor;
gracious hosts with quick and courteous service;
Our experienced master chef whose creations are based on core Indian cuisine
a wide range of choices for particular tastes, including varying degrees of spice and oil, vegan and vegetarian palettes.

The Lotus Family has received many accolades for our eateries. Our accomplishments are rated EXCELLENT in the Bay Area ZAGAT Guide every year from 1999 until today.

We are pleased to offer fine Indian dining to our East Bay guests and we thrive on your comments!

We support our community. Beginning on Thanksgiving in 2003, our family of Bay Area restaurants began a tradition to give back to the community during the Thanksgiving holiday season. Every year on the day before Thanksgiving we open our doors and offer all our guests a free meal, no strings attached. This is just our way of saying Thank You!